Mindfulness and Focusing – how Focusing can deepen Mindfulness practice

Rob Collett, a graduate of LFI and currently enrolled on the Bangor University Mindfulness Teacher Training Pathway, has developed a six hour introductory workshop to Focusing for Mindfulness practitioners. The first of these workshops was held in late 2014.

Since ‘Focusing’ is a way of being aware of our bodily-based experience, it is also a form of being mindfully attentive. Within this context, in asking the question, ‘What wants my attention right now?’ we invite an open, non-judgemental space within us, that allows our deeper impulses, knowledge and intuition to come more fully into our awareness. This can often be tangibly felt in the body, as well as finding a voice that we can dialogue with.

In this way mindful attention to our ‘felt-sense’ is like an inner compass, being variously experienced through images, metaphors or simply a gut-sense of what feels right. It gives us a tangible, felt-experience of what we need in order to be able to move forward in any particular moment or situation. It is freshly experienced and unique to us and our situation.

As we learn how to Focus, we discover ways of engaging creatively with this, and how to enable fresh directions to open up with the issues and people that concern us, and in our lives in general. Learning to contact our felt-sense of a situation without judgement, we’re increasingly able to trust and follow the natural wisdom and confidence this holds.

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