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Pay What You Can Afford 6-session Focusing Therapy

Cathy McCoy is offering Pay What You Can Afford 6-session Focusing Therapy:


My name is Cathy McCoy and I am an experienced Psychotherapist and teacher of Focusing. Focusing is a gentle way to pay attention to what you actually feel inside so that your feelings begin to change and you understand yourself better in the process.

I am offering a limited number of 6 session psychotherapy contracts, on a pay what you can afford basis, to anyone who has lost their income as a result of the Covid Pandemic. If you have unexpectedly lost your job or business because of lockdown, this offer may be of interest to you.
The 6 sessions will offer an opportunity to explore what it has been like for you to experience the impact of the pandemic. What it is like to be living through these times? How are you feeling about yourself now? And to contemplate what’s next for you in your life?
Please get in touch if you think this might be useful for you.
When you make contact, we will start with an assessment session (pay what you can afford) to determine if this offer is suitable for you.
Kind regards
Cathy McCoy
UKCP MBACP FOT Psychotherapist