London Focusing

About London Focusing

LONDON FOCUSING originates from a desire to make the concrete benefits of Focusing better known in a variety of settings. Our Focusing Training is a cost-effective means of offering this important method of change and insight so that anyone can have it and apply it to anything they already do. Focusing is not associated with any doctrine or belief system; it does not compete with what you know already, but instead enriches your current understandings & practices. It is deeply empowering, especially in circumstances where one feels helpless and stuck.

Focusing opens up a natural avenue for reconnecting with the vast information that is held within each person’s body. Change occurs through harnessing the wisdom of the body’s experience. True innovation comes from the ‘inside-out’.

London Focusing (LF) offers a range of Focusing experiences, including training events & seminars for the general public, psychotherapists and teams; anyone who wants to develop themselves to enrich their own daily living.

We work with:

  • People who want to experience an individual Focusing session or take a Focusing workshop
  • Corporate and organisational clients who want to enhance their work cultures and find meaning beyond just financial reward
  • Teams working on collaborative projects who need peer & self-coaching skills in order to work efficiently together
  • Mental health professionals, psychotherapists, coaches, mediators, and others who would like to work for social change inside & outside the consulting room

London Focusing was founded by Dr Greg Madison, an existential psychologist and psychotherapist who has lived and worked in North America, Continental Europe and the UK. Greg has been teaching and writing about Focusing (especially as a form of psychotherapy) for over 25 years.

LF now consists of a team of teachers including Frank Bock, a Certifying Coordinator for the International Focusing Institute. Frank is also experienced as an international trainer, supervisor and teacher, especially in the area of performing arts and Somatic Experiencing (trauma treatment). The team also includes psychotherapists Cathy McCoy, Carol Poole, Pam Bell as well as recent graduates who assist on our trainings. 

Students who attend our trainings come from the London area, all over the UK and across Europe.

Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a seminar, presentation, or training event. A list of Focusing-oriented Therapists who work with LF or who have graduated from our training is available for client referrals. Skype sessions are also available.