London Focusing


Integrating the awareness of Focusing into clinical and management supervision sessions offers an elegant way to get below unhelpful patterns and stuck relationships.

While an employee or supervisee recounts their work the body quite naturally re-creates how that person lives in the situation.

Paying attention to how the body responds brings real change in how the situation feels in the future.

London Focusing offers supervision from an embodied approach, making sessions more evocative and effective. Our supervision relies upon phenomenological investigations so that we work from what is actually happening rather than the generalities of theory.

‘Evocative supervision offers to deliver us from the mundane and inspire us to work from the broadest possible life perspective. Such moments should sear away any accrued professional arrogance or defensive practice to reveal the humility of the moribund human. Evocative moments in supervision can feel spiritual, making the familiar dazzle with novelty and poetic expression…. Focusing on the bodily implicit can connect us to a self-responding infinity’.

– Greg Madison (2009) Evocative Supervision