LFI Graduating Class 2018

A lovely group of practitioners now trained to offer Focusing and FOT

Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy Graduating Class 2015

The first group to graduate from the full 2-year London FOT training

Contact details for some of our certified Focusing-oriented Therapists below. All therapists are registered with a professional psychotherapy organisation and are certified as Focusing-oriented Therapists by the Focusing Institute in New York having completed our 2-year specialisation at the London Focusing Institute. More FOTs can be found at The International Association for Focusing Oriented Therapists website. 

Ursula Berghaus

Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist

London SW19

Tel: 07941 218 372 


Corinne Pollard

Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist

London SE4

Tel: 07847 535312

Website: http://lovinglivingbeing.co.uk

Dr Helen Jellicoe

Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist

Central London

Tel: 07902099804

Email: gpsy@hotmail.co.uk and helen@mosaic-exco.com

Rob Collett

Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist


Tel: +44 (0) 7574420304

Website: www.counsellinginhampshire.org 

Email: info@counsellinginhampshire.org

Catherine McCoy

Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist

Tel: 0772 924 5905

Email: highburytherapy@gmail.com

Ulla-Stina Johansson

Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist

Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0) 761 164737

Website: www.ullastinajohansson.se

Email: kontakt@ullastinajohansson.se

Dr. Anastasiya Lovegrove

Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist

Greenwich, London

Tel: 07778 268 172

Email: dr.a.lovegrove@gmail.com

Veronica Toescu

Certified Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist

Birmingham, UK

Tel: 07738688299

Email: psychotherapy.indialogue@gmail.com

Website: www.psychotherapyindialogue.co.uk

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