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The Living Process E02 with Dr Ken Bradford

The second episode of The Living Process is now available. I talk with Dr Ken Bradford. The conversation was instigated by Ken letting me know that he had a series of correspondence with Gene Gendlin back in the early 1980s and he was able to find and share some of those letters with me prior to us talking. The conversation is on my YouTube site (@gregmadisontherapy) and on the FOT YouTube Channel (@FocusingOrientedTherapies).
My talk with Ken:
The Living Process is a series of Focusing conversations with Focusing people. In this episode I talk with Dr Ken Bradford. Ken combines Buddhist psychology & meditation, existentially-robust therapy, and the nondual awareness of Dzogchen.  Ken mentions his training with James Bugenthal and how this could be considered an early form of FOT. Ken also discerns the difference between ‘Understanding the experience and experiencing the understanding’. We touch on authenticity, Winnicott, and the importance for therapists to have their own experiential practice. About 10 minutes in you can see my dog, Elliott, re-making his bed. Usually Elliott is a good listener but on this occasion he was a bit distracted….


Here is a look at some of the correspondence between Gene Gendlin and Ken Bradford: