Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Therapy is a deeply experiential process guided by the work of Eugene Gendlin, an American philosopher in the existential-phenomenological tradition. The Living Process is a series of conversations with people who are interested in how humans process their feelings, their thinking, and their way of being with others, especially using Focusing but also other experiential and existential practices.

Episodes are usually about an hour long and will be released every 3 weeks or so. Dr Greg Madison, the host of TLP, is a UK-based Experiential-Existential psychologist who has been Focusing since the early 1980s. You can find new episodes of the series @gregmadisontherapy and @focusingorientedtherapies on YouTube.


Series 1, Episode 1: Dr Siebrecht Vanhooren

Series 1, Episode 2: Dr Ken Bradford

Series 1, Episode 3: Lynn Preston

Series 1, Episode 4: Claude Missiaen

Seies 1, Episode 5: Dr Donata Schoeller

Series 1, Episode 6: Yehudit First

Series 1, Episode 7: Dr Leslie Ellis

Special New Year 2024 Episode: Professor Ernesto Spinelli and Dr Greg Madison

Series 2, Episode 8: Kevin McEvenue

Series 2, Episode 9 with René Veugelers.

Series 2, Episode 10. Dr. Glenn Fleisch

Series 2, Episode 11. Professor Mia Leijssen

Series 02, Episode 12. João da Fonseca

Series 2, Episode 13, Part 1: Dr Donata Schoeller

Series 2, Episode 13, part 2: Dr Donata Schoeller:

Series 2, Episode 14. Klaus Renn

Episode 15. Barbara McGavin

Episode 16. Zenki Christian Dillo Roshi 

Episode 17. Dr John Amodeo

Episode 18. Nada Lou

Episode 19. Peter Afford

As well as YouTube videos, each episode is also available as an audio-only podcast. Podcasts make it easy to listen to the conversations while driving, sitting on the train, cleaning the house, walking the dog etc:


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