London Focusing


Greg Madison

Certifying Coordinator, Teacher and Supervisor, London

Frank Bock

Certifying Coordinator, Teacher and Supervisor, London

Cathy McCoy

Focusing Oriented Therapist, Teacher, London


Carol Poole

Focusing Oriented Professional, Teacher,  Devon

Jessica Delooz

Supervisor, Leuven

Lynn Preston

Supervisor, New York City

Dan Schachter

Supervisor, Tel Aviv

Our teaching team always includes experienced Graduates of LF who assist with the teaching and practice sessions. The full-time team also includes Cathy McCoy and Carol Poole, who are long-time Focusers, Focusing Therapists and Graduates of our first London programme. Carol also administers our workshops and is the primary contact with our students.

We are pleased to invite international teachers to London to offer weekend courses to our students, graduates and anyone else interested in specific developments of Focusing and Focusing Oriented Therapy. We also regularly add to our panel of international supervisors for students on our courses. For supervision of independent practice outside of our courses, feel free to contact us directly.