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The Living Process E03 with Lynn Preston

The Living Process episode 03 with Lynn Preston. Lynn Preston, MA, MS, LP, is a focusing-oriented relational psychoanalyst, teacher and supervisor. She is a graduate of the PPSC Advanced Self Psychology program, a faculty member of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) and the founding Director of the Experiential Psychotherapy Project (EPP). Lynn has written and presented internationally on the integration of focusing and relational psychoanalysis. She also has an abiding interest in experiential teaching and integrative processes. Lynn has also founded a Community Empowerment movement in NYC as well as an international Help the Helpers group. In this conversation, we talk about Lynn’s entry into the world of Focusing and how she initially met Gene Gendlin. We touch on the question of theory and what theory is and how it can be used in FOT – Lynn and I have a long-standing play fight about theory. We talk of working with the relationship, self-disclosure, forms of psychoanalysis, and ways of expanding Focusing and FOT beyond just the consulting room.