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This page is being developed in order to list books and other resources that can help you learn about Focusing. The following websites have good resource lists that will guide you to more information about Focusing and Focusing-oriented Therapy.

Focusing Websites

The Focusing Institutethis is the website for the international Focusing Institute offering a vast amount of information on Focusing and its many applications.

The International Association of Focusing-oriented Therapiststhis is a website dedicated to Focusing Therapy around the world, offering information on the therapeutic applications of Focusing.

The British Focusing Associationthis website offers information on Focusing teachers and practitioners across the United Kingdom.

Wholebody Focusing Community – this is a website hosted by the community of people who practice ‘wholebody Focusing’, a combination of Focusing and Alexander Technique.

Focusing International – this new international Focusing organisation concentrates on ‘community wellness’ models of teaching Focusing.


Books on Focusing and Focusing-oriented Therapy