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A Focusing Approach for Mothers

Using a Focusing Oriented Approach to Explore Mothers’ Experiences:

A Focusing-Oriented Community Project, based in South West London, Summer 2014

By Leena Kothari-Seward and Dr. Helen Jellicoe





Our aim was to create opportunities for new insights into the experience of being a mother, in an emotionally supportive setting.

We introduced individuals to the concept of focusing as a different way of listening to their experience through the channel of the body. We guided them through specially designed focusing exercises to facilitate greater self-awareness into the challenges and joys of motherhood. We worked with groups of mothers at different stages of the mothering journey, from ante-natal mothers, mothers of young children, mothers of teenagers and mothers of young adults.

We found participants were keen to explore their ideas and were able to tune-in naturally to a focusing oriented way of listening to their inner experiences. The ensuing discussions and personal reflections were warm and lively with a marked richness and meaningful quality about them. People reported that they had processed some real issues and left the workshops with genuinely fresh and helpful insights. They had experienced, even in a relatively short time, tangible emotional relief and genuinely helpful psychological and bodily shifts in self-awareness.

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