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Focusing and Listening for Activists

Focusing and Listening for Activists
An Introductory Workshop, July 2014
By Adrian Harris, Ursula Berghaus and Cathy McCoy

This introductory Focusing and Listening workshop for activists showed how attending to our ‘bodily felt sense’ of a situation may support us in complex and challenging circumstances. Theory took a backseat during the day and the emphasis was on being with our workshop participants in a way that would allow them to understand Focusing at an experiential level. It was a playful day during which participants simply tried out ‘new’ ways of being with themselves and others during various experiential exercises that were followed by lively discussion and personal reflections. Adrian, Ursula and Cathy actively took part in these exercises.

The day ended with a sense of community where individuals were giving space to themselves as well as others and where ideas could flow more freely and where frustrations as well as hopes for the future could be expressed and heard. Supporting our participants to bring to light a process they already possessed and their learning to value their natural focusing ability were the day’s delight.

Further workshops are being planned, and we are hoping to provide a space where Focusing and Listening can be learnt to help further with communication, decision-making, managing stress and avoiding burnout. Please get in touch if you would like to attend a Focusing workshop for Activists.

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