Introduction to Focusing Sat 18th Jan 2020

The workshop will be an introduction to Gendlin’s work and will be mainly experiential. Focusing is a means of going beyond techniques and diagnosis in order to base our practice on a personal and embodied encounter of relational depth.Focusing brings us back to the body, grounding our concepts and interpretations in the concrete experiencing of the human being. It frees us from reliance on what is explicit concepts, client’s story, our assumptions by offering access to the level of implicit experience. Registration will be done manually via mail or phone and payment will be made over the phone. Please call Mackay on 0207 4358067  The price is £ 75.  The workshop will be led by Frank Bock and held at the Existential Academy, 61-63 Fortune Green Road, London NW6 1DR.

CPD certificates will be available