Spinelli/Madison dialogue

Hello Folks. I am posting this on behalf of Ernesto Spinelli and myself.

We have this morning completed a 43-page dialogue that we began last May. It was instigated by a conversation about the impact of ‘Identity Politics’ but strayed into a deeper discussion of phenomenology and even ‘spirituality’. Anyone who saw Ernesto’s talk at the SEA conference would be familiar with his vertical/horizonal distinction, which features in our dialogue, as do Leonard Cohen, Virginia Woolf, Dostoyevsky, Gendlin, Heidegger and various other philosophers… 

Ernesto and I are wondering now what to do with this dialogue. How to share it, and who to share it with.

At the end of the dialogue we verge on calling for some kind of action to experiment with some of the ideas. But first of all, we are wanting responses. Please respond on the Society of Existential Analysis Facebook page.

Cheers, Ernesto and Greg.